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Custom Made Engagement Rings with Sydney’s Raffini Jewellers

Raffini Jewellers offer expert opinion and service when it comes to designing unique custom engagement rings in Sydney. The beauty of this is that you are given the opportunity to participate in the design process, making your jewellery all that more special and personal. We will consult with you at every stage of the process to ensure that the end product meets your expectations.

The process

The centrepiece stone is a key element impacting the design. Custom engagement rings at Raffini Jewellers are available with a variety of loose diamonds and coloured gemstones to suit your budget. The shape and size of the centerpiece stone will determine which customised design will best complement the stone. Other elements of the design to consider are the metal (yellow gold, white gold or platinum) and whether other diamonds or coloured gemstones will be added.

The picture Gallery shows our range of ready-made rings. Any aspect of their design may be changed to suit your individual preference. We welcome you to make an appointment to try them on, in order to make the decision process easier.
Alternatively, you may have an image of a unique custom made engagement ring you have your heart set on that you want made for your special occasion. Raffini Jewellers will gladly discuss the requirements for creating the design you have in mind.

If you have an existing diamond or gemstone which you wish to incorporate into the design, Raffini Jewellers will discuss possible existing or customised options based on the shape and size of your stone.

For more information on getting a engagement ring custom made, diamond rings design, or any of our jewellery services, please contact us.

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