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  • BLOOM2_New


    Diamond engagement ring with 0.80ct round brilliant cut diamond in a Full Bezel setting with Forty 1pt brilliant cut diamonds pavé set in an18ct Yell...

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  • Blue Sky


    Engagement ring featuring a 1.4ct Ceylon Sapphire in a 4 claw setting with 2  Trillian cut diamonds in a V shape setting in an 18ct white gold band. ...

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  • affection


    Solitaire diamond engagement ring with a 0.9ct brilliant cut diamond in a 6 claw setting with a round 2.5mm wide Platinum band. Also available in Yell...

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  • caress


    Diamond engagement ring with 0.50ct round brilliant cut diamond in flush set surrounded by seventeen 1pt brilliant cut diamond in a bead set with eigh...

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  • allure


    Diamond engagement ring with 1ct round brilliant cut diamond in a 6 claw setting with fourteen 2pt brilliant cut diamonds pavé set in a 3mm wide 18ct...

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  • Cecile (1) - Rev3 (cropped)_New


    1.37ct peachy/pink round Sapphire engagement ring in a 6 claws setting with 1.5pt brilliant cut diamonds Novo set in a 2mm wide 18ct White Gold band. ...

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  • celeste


    Diamond engagement ring with 0.60ct brilliant cut diamond in a flush set with forty 1/2pt brilliant cut diamonds surrounding it and eighty-six 1/2pt b...

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  • Celine


    A platinum engagement ring, with a 1.6ct round Aquamarine, surrounded by eighteen 1pt brilliant cut diamonds in Pavé setting. Also available in Yello...

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  • Chantal_New


    18ct white gold Engagement ring featuring a 0.9ct natural fancy yellow diamond with two 0.45ct round brilliant cut diamonds Claw. The band is hand eng...

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  • Charlice


    18 Ct White Gold ring, set with a 1.2 Ct Black Diamond, and Channel set with Twelve Brilliant cut Diamonds on either sides of the shoulders. Also avai...

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  • Charlotte


    Platinum engagement ring, set with a 1.2ct Brilliant cut diamond in Four claws, with a Halo surrounding it and split shoulders, pave set with 1pt bril...

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  • Coco-16011312


    Platinum Engagement ring set with 1.5 Carat Brilliant cut Diamond in a Four Claw setting, with 2mm Princess cut Diamonds channel set half way across t...

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  • desire_round

    Desire (Round)

    Diamond engagement ring with 1ct brilliant cut diamond in an elevated 4 claw setting with sixteen 1.5pt brilliant cut diamonds channel set in a 3mm wi...

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  • devotion


    Solitaire diamond engagement ring with a 0.9ct round brilliant cut diamond in a 4 claw setting. Also available in Yellow gold and White Gold, the choi...

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  • Divine-16011318


    18 Carat White Gold Engagement ring set with a 1.7 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond in a Four Claw setting accompanied two 2.5 pts Diamonds Flush set. The ...

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  • elation


    Diamond engagement ring featuring a 1.5ct brilliant cut diamond in a 4 claw setting with fourteen 2pt diamonds pavé (serrated finish) on a 2mm wide 1...

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The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings today. The reason is, its circular proportion displays the most “brilliance” and reflects more light back to the viewer than any other shape. The Round Brilliant cut diamond has 58 Facets on the crown and 25 on the pavilion.

Raffini Jewellers are highly experienced at custom-made engagement rings, as well as Brilliant cut diamond engagement rings. The gallery below showcases our unique custom made engagement rings, hence any aspect of the ring designs you see below may be changed to suit your preference, from Diamond Shape to Metal choice. Raffini Jewellers sell loose diamonds such as Round brilliant cut Diamonds at very competitive prices. With our workshop/studio in one location, low overheads mean we can pass the savings directly to you. We can custom make any Round Brilliant cut engagement ring to suit your budget.

Raffini Jewellers cater for all your needs and requirements when creating the round diamond ring you envision. During a free consultation we will demonstrate the 4c’s, shape and fluorescence of a wide range of Round brilliant cut diamonds to assist you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of their characteristics. We offer a range of loose diamonds for you to choose from and can discuss with you the characteristics of the diamonds you are interested in for very competitive prices.