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  • RFI070815L


    18ct yellow gold engagement ring featuring a 1.1ct Princess cut diamond with two 0.35ct square rubies in four claw setting. Also available in Plati...

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  • Anuja2


    Solitaire diamond engagement ring with a 0.8ct round brilliant cut diamond in a 4 claw setting in an 18ct yellow gold band. Also available in White g...

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  • beloved


    Engagement ring featuring a 8mm Oval rhodolite garnet with two 0.25ct round brilliant cut diamonds in a 18ct White Gold bezel set on a 4mm wide 18ct R...

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  • BLOOM2_New


    Diamond engagement ring with 0.80ct round brilliant cut diamond in a Full Bezel setting with Forty 1pt brilliant cut diamonds pavé set in an18ct Yell...

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  • RF250717A(350) (1)


    18ct yellow gold Engagement Ring, Featuring a heart shape emerald, in Claw Setting, surrounded by Brilliant Cut Diamonds, with twist shoulders bead se...

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  • RF160518D


    18ct Yellow Gold engagement ring set with an Oval Aquamarine in four claws, surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds. The shoulders and the halo are set w...

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  • fantasy


    Two-tone Diamond engagement ring with a 0.75ct brilliant cut diamond in a 6 claw 18ct white gold setting with forty-two 2pt brilliant cut diamonds pav...

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  • galaxy


    Two-Tone Engagement ring featuring three 18ct White Gold Stars with twenty-three 1.5pt diamonds Bead set on a 18ct Yellow Gold Dome shape ring. Also a...

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  • GAYE2


    18ct Yellow Gold Dress ring, with a square cut natural Australian sapphire, weighing 1.93ct and measuring, and with two end set baguette diamonds on e...

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  • glamour


    Two Tone engagement ring with 0.65ct princess cut diamond in the centre in 4 claw setting with two 0.35ct princess cut diamonds in a 4mm wide 18ct Yel...

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  • harmony


    Three stone engagement ring with 0.50ct centre brilliant cut diamond and two 0.25ct brilliant cut diamonds in 18ct White Gold, with twelve 2pt brillia...

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  • Karin


    18ct yellow gold Engagement ring featuring a 2ct pear-shape Ruby. Also available in white gold and Platinum, and with your choice of diamonds or colou...

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  • 140717 (1)


    18ct yellow gold engagement ring, Featuring a 1 Carat princess cut diamond,  with shoulders set with brilliant cut diamonds in leaf style settings. ...

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  • Malini


    18ct Yellow Gold engagement ring, set with a 2.03ct Natural Burmese Oval Ruby, With split shoulders band Pavé set with brilliant cut diamonds. Also a...

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  • 44


    18ct two tone engagement ring, with a 1ct Oval diamonds in four claws setting, surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds in novo setting on the shoulders. ...

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  • RF150218A350


    Round shape Opal set in four claws in a Yello Gold engagement ring, the halo and shoulders are Novo set with round brilliant cut diamonds. Also availa...

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In its natural state, pure Gold is bright yellow colour. Being too soft to be used in jewellery on its own, it is mixed or alloyed with other metals to make it durable and hard-wearing. Alloying gold generates various colours, from white to rose colours. Gold is one of the most malleable metals ever found, which makes it the ideal metal of choice for making jewellery.

The most popular Yellow gold Alloy used in engagement rings is the 18ct yellow gold (stamped 750) that is composed of 75% pure gold and 25% other metals, such as zinc, copper and silver. The vast proportion of engagement and wedding gold rings are produced using 18ct yellow gold, and the reason behind this is the proportion of pure gold found in the 18ct is much higher ( 75%) than the 9ct (37.5%), hence the everlasting rich and shining yellow colour it displays.

At Raffini Jewellers we are highly experienced in custom-made engagement rings in various styles and designs, including Yellow Gold diamond rings. The gallery below showcases our unique custom made Yellow Gold engagement rings, however any aspect of the ring designs you see below may be changed to suit your preference from Diamond Shape to metal choice.

Raffini Jewellers cater for all your needs and requirements when creating your ideal Yellow Gold engagement ring. View our extensive range of ready-made Yellow Gold engagement rings in our gallery. Any aspect of the ring designs you see may be changed to suit your preference or budget. Custom made engagement rings are an alternative you may wish to explore. You may have an image or an idea of how you envisage your engagement ring. Consult with Raffini Jewellers to discuss the numerous possibilities. During a free consultation we will demonstrate the 4c’s, shape and fluorescence of a wide range of diamonds to assist you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of their characteristics. We offer a range of loose diamonds for you to choose from and can discuss with you the characteristics of the diamonds you are interested in for very competitive prices.