High-quality custom-made Jewellery


Fancy cut diamonds are considered to be one of the most exquisite luxuries imaginable. The symbolism is unparalleled – tantalizing, everlasting and cherished. Whether for yourself or someone special, they are a gift like no other. Of particularly popularity at the moment are pear shaped engagement rings.

Raffini Jewellers are experienced in creating custom made fancy cut diamond engagement rings, from cushion cuts, emerald, marquise, radiant, pear, Asscher, and many more. Raffini Jewellers can help you design the perfect fancy cut diamond ring for any occasion.

Raffini Jewellers are highly experienced at custom-made fancy cut diamond engagement ring. You can see the many examples of our work in the gallery below; keep in mind that any aspect of the ring’s design can be changed to suit your preference, from diamond shape to the metal used.

Loose diamonds are often the centrepiece in engagement rings. At Raffini Jewellers you can view a variety of fancy cut diamonds to suit your budget. During an appointment at our studio we will explain the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of diamonds, commonly referred to as the 4 Cs. Raffini Jewellers aim to make your experience of finding the perfect engagement ring as pleasant and informative as possible. We offer a range of loose diamonds for you to choose from and can discuss with you the characteristics of the diamonds you are interested in for very competitive prices.