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Showcase Your Love with Stunning Emerald Engagement Rings from Sydney’s Premium Jeweller

The name ‘emerald’ was derived from the Persian word meaning ‘green gem’. It changed from Greek to Latin as ‘smaragdus’, then to ‘esmaurde’, ‘esmralde’, and in the 16th century to ‘esmeralde’.

Known to be an ancient gem, it has been dated all the way back to Egyptians times. A symbol of wealth and elegance, these emeralds were mined mostly by Roman and Byzantine conquerors. However, archaeologists haven’t found too many emeralds from Egyptian times — likely due to their small size and poor quality. It wasn’t ’til the 16th century when Spain began to export emeralds from Columbia that these exquisite stones flooded the market.

Compelling Emerald Vibes for Your Engagement

Emeralds are called the ‘stones of successful love’ meaning it’s a great gem for engagement rings. It is said to signify friendships and helps promote balance between partners. This stone is also known to help promote domestic bliss and loyalty.

Getting an emerald ring as a sign of commitment and devotion is great if you’re looking for aesthetics and symbolism. At Raffini Jewellers we can help you design the perfect ring made just for your partner. We can even have the option for a custom made engagement ring with your choice of gems — from emeralds to sapphires, pink diamonds and more.

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Our jewellery store in Sydney CBD specialises in the creation of engagement rings, so you can trust us to offer you the best choices. We also offer gem consulting services if you would like to know more about the different gems we offer and what makes each one unique. For any questions, feel free to give us a call on 02 9233 6770.