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Meteorite Jewellery

Meteorite Making Headlines with Jewellery ...

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Yellow Gemstone Engagement Rings

Yellow Gemstone Engagement Rings Making their Presence Felt. Coloured engagement rings have become ...

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The Old World Charm of Millgrain Rings

The Old World Charm of Millgrain Rings  Millgrain is a decorative accent for variou...

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What is Palladium

What is Palladium Palladium is the new sensuous, sensitive and tough metal in the world of jewellery. Its lustre makes it stands out and its hue, which is silvery white, makes it unique. Palladium is a rare metal and since 2010 it has been officially recognised as a precious metal. It is generally removed while dismantling ...

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The Mysterious Onyx Jewellery

The Mysterious Onyx Jewellery Black Onyx is considered to be a midnight gem due to its colour. It is making a comeback on the runways, and combined with platinum and diamonds it creates a stunning effect. Enigmatic black onyx jewellery in sparkling strands of beads looks simple yet striking. Onyx, when shaped and polished, s...

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Fine Jewellery Gift Ideas for Christmas

Fine Jewellery Gift Ideas for Christmas “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” ― Ben Carson As we approach the holiday season, our thoughts increasingly turn to wonderful, thoughtful gifts we can procure for our family and friends. If you’re looking for gasps of delight and a shower of kisses, the answer is simple -jewellery. Guys, especially, take note –...

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Trending Jewellery

Trending Jewellery To add the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe this summer here are three of the top trends this summer. 1. Statement pieces are a must and chunky is the way to go. Over-sized gold hoops, chandelier earrings and statement cuffs are just some examples of fashionable trends this season. Necklaces ar...

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Diamond engagement rings or coloured gemstone engagement rings?

Is there a bit of a trend happening with engagement rings?   Whilst engagement rings are synonymous with diamonds, and will probably remain so, there are a growing number of women who are choosing coloured gemstones as centrepiece features in their engagement rings. Why, you may ask, would someone choose an engagement ring set...

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Princess Inspired Jewellery

Princess Inspired Jewellery Royal Princesses have always inspired jewellery designs and the latest to join the trend are princess inspired rings. It is interesting to note that women now and then have always shown interest in fairy-tale inspired jewellery. Right from Grace Kelly to Princess Diana they owned striking pieces o...

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Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Setting Styles

Perfect Setting Styles for Engagement Rings with Brilliant Cut Diamonds When it comes to an engagement ring, nothing beats the magnificence of the ever-so-conventional diamond ring....

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