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Jewellery Trends this Season

Everyone has their own unique jewellery style. Jewellery is a great way to express yourself and your own personal look. Be inspired by some of the latest jewellery trends and give your own take on them to create a bespoke look specific to your personal style. Get creative and be daring! Why not try something that is a little different to refresh your style this season. Here are a couple of the cur...

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Diamonds Are Forever

All throughout history, diamonds have been classified as rare and precious jewels, affiliated with wealth, class or romance. Valued and admired for their incredible beauty, the sparkle and the unique physical attributes of diamonds have for centuries amazed those lucky enough to find such precious jewels. Across the globe, diamonds are prized as items of jewellery. Diamonds throughout t...

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Types Of Engraving

GIFTING someone with a piece of personalised jewellery that has been engraved is a significant and beautiful gesture. If you look hard enough, you can find a piece of jewellery that completely resonates with its recipient. Often, the hard part is diving in and making sure you get the right thing. So, this guide hopes to look at some of the basic things to consider when buying a piece of engraved j...

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Hot Engagement Ring Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

An engagement ring is not simply a piece of jewellery. It’s a symbol of your love that will warm the heart and adorn the finger of your most precious person for years to come. This piece should be timeless and individual, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fashionable as well. Studying the trends in today’s jewellery industry can be the inspiration you need to find the perfect ring....

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Choosing insurance for your jewellery

Losing precious jewels is something we don’t expect. But, when it does happen, the right type of insurance can keep you protected from potential losses. Fine print is an important element in b...

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Meteorite Jewellery

Meteorite Making Headlines with Jewellery ...

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Yellow Gemstone Engagement Rings

Yellow Gemstone Engagement Rings Making their Presence Felt. Coloured engagement rings have become ...

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The Old World Charm of Millgrain Rings

The Old World Charm of Millgrain Rings  Millgrain is a decorative accent for variou...

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What is Palladium

What is Palladium Palladium is the new sensuous, sensitive and tough metal in the world of jewellery. Its lustre makes it stands out and its hue, which is silvery white, makes it unique. Palladium is a rare metal and since 2010 it has been officially recognised as a precious metal. It is generally removed while dismantling ...

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The Mysterious Onyx Jewellery

The Mysterious Onyx Jewellery Black Onyx is considered to be a midnight gem due to its colour. It is making a comeback on the runways, and combined with platinum and diamonds it creates a stunning effect. Enigmatic black onyx jewellery in sparkling strands of beads looks simple yet striking. Onyx, when shaped and polished, s...

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