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We all know that rubies are considered precious. But how precious are they? Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.   This quote from the bible demonstrates the extent to which rubies have been considered valuable throughout history. Also referred to as ‘...

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Brilliant cut Diamonds

What is the most popular cut of diamond? If you said Brilliant (Round) Cut, you are correct! Brilliant Cut Diamonds are classically beautiful, irresistibly chic and clearly the most popular choice of diamond for all types of jewellery, particularly diamond engagement rings. So what makes them so popular? ...

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Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Place the words ‘pink’ and ‘diamond’ together and you have what is possibly the most feminine gemstone in the world. Since pink is the colour of universal love and beauty, pink diamonds are the ideal coloured gemstone to incorporate into a diamond engagement ring. Famously worn in stunning engagement rings by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Anna Kournikova, pink ...

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Fine Jewellery Vs Costume Jewellery

We all love dressing up. Despite our whining, we love an occasion. In our quest to look our best we seek outfits, shoes, bags and then we are all faced by the decision at some point – how shall I accessorise? Fine Jewellery or Costume Jewellery? The biggest plus in choosing fine jewellery is that it is versatile. Diamond and gemstone jewellery go just ...

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Sydney Jewellery Studio

Convenience is a word that I seem to be using with increasing regularity. All things being equal, if I am to opt between two things, convenience will determine the winner. It is with this in mind, ou...

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Men’s wedding ring

The most popular item of men’s jewellery at our Sydney studio is, by far, men’s wedding rings. If you think it is just the girls who take an interest in wedding ring designs, think again! Raffini Jewellers stock a wide variety of men’s wedding bands, including men’s diamond wedding rings. Male wedding rings are gen...

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